WVVA TV a Valuable Asset to ANU Students and Graduates


The WVVA TV team in Bluefield, WV has been a valued partner to ANU for many years, providing internships and employment opportunities to students of the $$Princeton Campus. The relationship began in 2012, when WVVA installed a state of the art computerized control station and hired an ANU information systems engineering graduate to keep the technology running smoothly.—

Later, WVVA served as an internship site for business administration-management student Robyne Ramsey.  Robyne learned about the WVVA Quinternship program (a paid internship program) when she met WVVA administrative assistant Audrey Sluss at a Princeton Campus career fair.  Although the Quinternship was traditionally offered to students in broadcasting, communications, or other related fields, Ms. Sluss revised the program to bring Robyne in to work in the HR department. 

“Robyne was delightful–a fast learner and I enjoyed having her with me,” Ms. Sluss recalled. Following the Quinternship, Robyne was hired by WVVA as a sales assistant. 


ANU graduate Ashley Dillon-Sigmon, who earned her associate’s degree at the Princeton Campus and her bachelor’s degree in business administration-management through ANU Online, is also employed at WVVA as an office assistant/traffic coordinator.

[img]In appreciation of WVVA TV’s ongoing support of career college education, the Princeton Campus recently named the station as a Distinguished Community Employer. The award was presented to Audrey and vice president and general manager Frank Brady, Jr., who responded with a zealous “Thank you for sending me good employees.”

Along with the support of students and graduates, a big bonus from the WVVA team has come in the form of free publicity for the ANU Princeton Campus.  We are grateful for all their support and we look forward to an ongoing relationship with them for years to come.

Photo A-(Left to Right)-ANU graduate Robyne Ramsey; WVVA vice president and general manager Frank Brady, Jr.; ANU graduate Ashley Dillon-Sigmon; and WVVA business manager Audrey Sluss are shown during the Distinguished Community Employer award presentation.

Photo B-Robyne Ramsey, a business administration-management graduate from the $$Princeton Campus, was accepted into the Quinternship program at WVVA TV and now works at the station as a sales assistant.

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