Let's Talk About... Why You Should Attend Your Online Graduation Ceremony

Why You Should Attend Your Online Graduation Ceremony

Let’s Talk About…

Why You Should Attend Your Online Graduation Ceremony

When attending a college or university online, students question if or how a graduation ceremony will work when they and their peers are all across the globe. At American National University, our students attend and participate in their graduation ceremonies from wherever they live through our online graduation. The ceremony we hold has many benefits for all of our students and is much more feasible than trying to have all of our graduates in one physical location. Students may still ask themselves: why should I attend a graduation that’s online?

  1. Graduation is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Event

Earning your education takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and time for students. You should not forego your ceremony solely because it is online! Because of all you have put into your education, you should have fun being celebrated by the faculty, staff, your friends and family, and your fellow peers to recognize all you have done to get to your diploma. Graduation is a time for you to brag about your successes and marvel at all you have done.

  1. Everyone Can Attend Your Graduation

Many in-person graduation ceremonies have restrictions on who can attend your celebration. That could be due to person limits in a building, location, travel, or expense. When your graduation ceremony is held online, anyone can tune in to see the livestream. Your grandmother who normally couldn’t travel can watch and your aunts and uncles from out of state can tune in, too. Send the livestream or RSVP links to all you want to celebrate with – near or far or wherever they are!

  1. Your Graduation is Permanent and Relivable

At ANU, we live stream and save every graduation ceremony online for students to remember and relive as often as they want. Our graduates get the privilege of returning to their ceremonies simply by clicking on the video. It will not only be a moment that they get to experience once, but over and over again.

  1. At American National University, We Bring Graduation to You

Through the efforts of our dedicated career services team and ANU staff and faculty, we bring the graduation to our graduates. Much like our online education experience, graduation will be something people can reach anywhere they are located with an internet connection. Our students have virtually attended all of their classes, why not celebrate in the same way together?

For American National University’s 2023 ceremony, we have speaker Donovan Blackburn, CEO/COO of Pikeville Medical Center, addressing our graduates. He earned his role as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Pikeville Medical in 2017, following several accolades and awards through the years of his professional career. These included being named the 2010 “City Official of the Year” by the Kentucky League of Cities, the 2011 “Eastern Kentucky Leadership Public Official of the Year” by the East Kentucky Leadership Foundation, the 2014 “Excellent in Leadership” by both the Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce: and the 2021 “Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Businessman of the Year.”

Graduation is a rite of passage for any student – you have dedicated much of your time, money, and effort to earning your diploma. Let ANU be your cheerleaders through this last portion of your educational path. Wendolyn Larkins, Director of Career Services at ANU, dedicates much of her time to making graduation special for each graduate. She emphasizes, “Your graduation is the time to celebrate you. You deserve to be honored for the hard work and time you dedicated to improving yourself through education. Join the faculty and staff of American National University at graduation so that we can properly commemorate you and your peers for the accomplishments and achievements you’ve earned.”

Take the time to celebrate you, your accomplishments, and your successes with your graduation ceremony. The delivery of your graduation does not take away from the hard work and dedication you put into your education. You deserve to celebrate with your friends, family, peers, faculty, and staff that watched you grow within your time at American National University. To learn more about how our graduation ceremony works or stay up to date on the proceedings, go to https://an.edu/american-national-university-global-graduation-center/. Graduates should watch their emails for further communication from ANU staff or Director of Career Services, Wendolyn Larkins.

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