Why the Best Teachers are Professionals from the Field


Can you imagine trying to learn how to drive from someone who had never driven a car before? Even if they could tell you what every part of the car was and could break down how it all worked, when it came to actually putting the vehicle in motion they wouldn’t know what to expect any more than you would as a complete novice.

When you’re preparing for a career, the value of having an instructor who has experience in the field cannot be over emphasized:

Instructors from the field don’t just know the technical skills of their career; they also know about the real world application of what you are learning.  If they are healthcare experts, not only will they teach you about patient care, procedures, healthcare laws and regulations, but they can share how that applies when you are working with patients and fellow healthcare professionals. If they work in Information Technology, they understand not just how the tech OUGHT to work, but what can go wrong and how to make it right. Business instructors who have worked in the field know that theories in a book do not always translate to smooth operations in an actual business setting, and they can tell you how they handled that from personal experience.

“I get to bring real-life experience to the classroom.
This helps bridge the gap between the field and classroom.”

– Cyrus Hess, ANU Paramedic Instructor

Instructors who have worked in the profession can be great guides to your own career. They can tell you the path they took to get where they are, and other paths that may be open to you. They can offer advice on courses and certifications. Because they’ve worked in the profession, they know what employers are looking for and the personal and technical skills you’ll need to find success.

Another great advantage to having an instructor from the field is that they know other professionals. They can introduce you to companies and employers who may offer you externship opportunities or even actual jobs. They can be valuable sources for professional references when you apply for your future career. Connect with your instructors on professional sites like LinkedIn and find out just how many connections you can make.

If you want to learn from professionals who will teach you from books and from their own actual experiences, then check out all American National University has to offer. At American National University, we know that our instructors are top-notch because they come to you directly from the profession they’re training you for and will guide and mentor you on your way to your career.

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