Megan Robinson on her experience in the paralegal studies certificate program: "It's more than I even expected... The Zoom meetings are just like being in the classroom."

Turning Her Passion into Action

Turning Her Passion in Action

Megan Robinson’s Story with ANU

Megan Robinson has known since high school that working in law was her dream, and that dream brought her to American National University’s online paralegal studies certificate program. She originally majored in human resource management and reaffirmed her passion for law in business law classes. She joined the workforce not long after the birth of her son, and after moving through positions, Megan knew it was time to pursue her passion. She began her new journey by researching legal education. Her research led her to ANU, and her experience has been beyond her expectations. Megan’s dedication to the legal field has earned her the title of Paralegal Student of the Term for term 229, nominated by her professors and endorsed by Dean of the Paralegal program, Wendy Notz.

Megan began her education at ANU after searching extensively for the right school to start her new path in paralegal studies. Initially unsure of an online education, she knew she wanted to feel like she was in an in-person classroom even if she was at a distance. “It’s more than I even expected… The zoom meetings are just like being in the classroom.” Along with that, Megan feels supported by her professors. “[The professors] really do work with you… they want to see you grow; you can feel it – even through zoom,” she says. She even talks about how she’s been able to message her professors whenever she needed help: “They respond quickly, they’re just on it all the time! I never see them slipping up.”

Through her studies, Megan has consistently been impressed with her paralegal studies at ANU because of the expertise her professors bring to the class. “The professors go down to the nitty-gritty of the gray lines [of law], and they give us that personal advice that they already went through that will help us stay clear of what we shouldn’t be doing as paralegals,” she explains. In her classes, her professors will replicate cases students will face in law school and in the legal sphere to enhance learning and give them real world experiences. She details how her learning has been affected by being taught by practicing attorneys. Their real-world encounters have bettered her understanding of the field.

The class structures are what helps Megan immensely through her studies, for her “[the classes] are all structured basically the same, but it just flows. It just breaks it down, so you know what you’re doing each week.” Megan explains that the structure has allowed her to stay on top of her classes. Before starting at ANU, Megan was against eBooks, but that has since changed because of her classes. “I love my eBooks – the highlighting and every feature of the eBook I just love. The books the professors picked flow very well and that brings organization to [my studies].

In her future, Megan dreams of being in a law firm in Chicago and working her passion within law.

Megan recommends ANU to those looking to pursue their higher education. “Yes, hands down, 100%.”

Her advice for new students beginning at ANU is: “Attend all your zoom meetings – be there, be present.” She advises students to be there even to just listen and absorb all the information your professors are going to give and communicate with them. “Take [your professors] hands and let them guide you.”

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