Top 10 Soft Skills Required for Working in the Healthcare Field



At American National University, we prepare you for working in the healthcare field in a variety of ways. Most often you think of drawing blood, filling a prescription, or taking vital signs, among other tasks commonly performed by healthcare workers. However, one set of skills often overlooked are “soft skills.” In our training you will learn about soft skills and are given a chance to practice them in mock scenarios using the University’s Global Learn™ Videoconferencing platform, as well as in an externship in a real-life experience in a healthcare setting. The top 10 soft skills all healthcare professionals need are:

  • Time Management – Today’s healthcare environment is face-paced and exciting.  You’ll need to learn to make the most of your time to complete tasks in an efficient manner.
  • Communication Skills – More information is available to healthcare providers than ever before, and you’ll need to be able to convey this information to your patients and fellow staff effectively.
  • Dealing with Pressure – Healthcare is a high-stakes/high-reward profession.  To enjoy the benefits of a job well done you’ll need to develop strategies for coping with the stress that comes with the job.
  • Positive Attitude – A good attitude is infectious and an important contributor to success in healthcare.
  • Self-Confidence – Your confidence is extra assurance for your patients, who may already be nervous or even scared at the prospect of treatment.
  • Flexibility – While procedure and protocol are important in the delivery of healthcare, the ability to adapt to the unknown and unforeseen is a valuable skills as well.
  • Being a Team Player – Now more than ever, caring for patients is a team effort.
  • Strong Work Ethic – Hard work may be its own reward, but the gratitude of the patient is a great bonus from a job well done.
  • Empathy – What may be routine for you as a healthcare professional can be new and even a bit scary for the patient – the ability to put yourself in their shoes is essential.
  • Professionalism and Ethical Behavior – Healthcare is one of the most personal services someone can provide – your ethics and professionalism have to be above reproach.

Do you have what it takes to be in the healthcare field, or advance in your healthcare career? Give our admissions team a call 1-833-388-1100 to discuss the various healthcare career options at American National University, or go to our Health Programs website for more information.

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