Ashley Hart is the heart of business management.

The Hart of Business Management

The Hart of Business Management:

Ashley’s Success at ANU

Ashley Hart represents many students who join the ranks of American National University to earn their college degree. Her first experience with higher education was not one she enjoyed and did not want to continue. After marrying her husband, she began working for Member One Federal Credit Union thirteen years ago. She worked her way up into the position of Products and Services Manager. This led her to want to return to school to not only better herself but strengthen her skills as a manager for the team she leads. This lies the heart of business management. Her employer supported her desire to earn her education, and they partnered with ANU through the Business Partnership Tuition Program. Her desire to better herself has earned her the title of term 230 Business Student of the Term in only her first term at ANU!

Ashley joined ANU’s business program because of the affordability awarded to her through our Business Partnership Tuition program. For example, for every $2 that Member One paid for Ashley’s education, ANU would contribute $1. She nearly enrolled at another institution when she realized that their program was too expensive. She began to look for other options, when she remembered she took courses at American National during her time as a trainer in her career. That change made all the difference, as she says,

“it is definitely a lot more affordable [at ANU], there are a lot more perks, and it’s just been a great experience so far. I am very appreciative of what you all do.”

In just one term at ANU, Ashley has already begun implementing her knowledge and skills she learned in her classes within her career, “it has already made a difference.” In her BUS117 – Supervision class with Dean Obringer, she learned the principles of management and has allowed her to learn what lies at the core of her role in her workplace. She says this class has allowed her to implement new skills and knowledge in her career, “it has allowed me to lead my team a lot better through different struggles and obstacles, while maintaining that management is at the heart of what I do… It has allowed me to shift my way of managing and leading my team.” The classes she takes at ANU have strengthened her communication skills and better support her team in their daily work efforts. Her education in only one term has helped her change her career in the best ways – and there is so much more out there for her to learn.

Like many other students at ANU, Ashley enjoys the aid and recognition she receives from her professors and instructors. Her Business Student of the Term nomination comes from Dean Lyndsey Obringer, who says this about why Ashley was nominated: “Ashley was a first-term student who hit the ground running. She was always ready to participate and share ideas during live lectures. Ashley challenged herself and demonstrated strong academic writing and research abilities. ANU is lucky to have her in our Business and Accounting department.” Ashley appreciates the faculty that take the time to be there for their students in every way. “It’s very nice to be recognized by the administration for your hard work… It makes me want to keep going! This has been a positive motivation.”

Her future goals include wanting to become a vice president or senior vice president through her company and continue to move up within the ranks of her career. This position has been one of her goals since she started her career at Member One. Her education is a helpful step into that goal:

“I know that the education I am receiving now at American National University will help me get there.”

Ashley would recommend ANU to others and even already has to her own employees! Her advice to those looking to join, “take that leap of faith… just do it. You won’t regret it. The people here are amazing, they are extremely supportive and encouraging across the board. Everyone here just wants to make sure you succeed, which is not something you get from other colleges and universities.”

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