Jessica Fagan about her online accounting program

The Flexibility of Her Accounting Program

The Flexibility of Her Accounting Program:

Jessica Fagan’s Time at ANU

Between three children, going to school, and supporting her husband in the military, current student Jessica Fagan is no stranger to hard work and dedication. With her previous college experience not meeting her expectations, Jessica put a pause on her education and focused on her family. After gaining experience as an underwriter for a finance company, Jessica realized she enjoyed working with numbers and found a new avenue for her to pursue. This led her to American National University’s Business Administration Accounting associate degree program. And her dedication to her new studies paid off as she ranked on the deans list for term 229!

The decision to join ANU’s accounting associate degree program came from the support Jessica felt from the very beginning. The very first admissions advisor she spoke to made the process smooth and easy for her and kept her motivated to join our ranks. The defining moment for her came from speaking with her other advisors:

“I know like some schools will pressure you to make a decision, but [my advisors] knew I was really pregnant, and they were slow with the process. They weren’t overly pushy, and that’s what really sealed the deal.”

Jessica Fagan with her husband and three children
Jessica Fagan with her husband, Kyle, and their three children


The personal touch to approaching her education allowed Jessica to feel backed and heard by faculty and staff.

When it comes to her classes, Jessica enjoys the flexibility that they have when it comes to her busy life and schedule. She enjoys the Zoom sessions, because in her experience, other schools did not offer that with their online education. She says, “it’s every other week, and I like that because it’s convenient with life. You actually get to interact with students and professors, and I really like that.” Staying connected with her peers and professors has been a strong addition to Jessica’s education that she wouldn’t have gotten before. ANU’s eLearning format allows students to connect and diversify their knowledge from around the world.

“It’s definitely easy to do these courses and the homework with your regular, daily life. You don’t feel overwhelmed. It’s been easy and flexible.”

Her professors have been a great strength to her education as well. Jessica notes that Karen Gordon has helped her learn a lot about her chosen field and program. “She took her time, and she even took her personal time if you needed tutoring to sit with you. She was really great and personable.” She’s impressed with her math classes because she feels it’s information she will use for the rest of her life, as opposed to just fulfilling requirements, “It’s real-life math that you’re actually going to use, versus other math classes where [I say] ‘I’m never going to use this.’”

She would recommend others to pursue their education through American National University’s eLearning programs. “The flexibility is very easy going. The professors are not like your normal professors… they’re just more personable,” she says. One of her professors works with taxes beyond the classroom and he brings that experience to the classroom to teach his students. “He always says, ‘I don’t care if you have to do the work multiple times, I just care that you get it right,’ and he takes the extra time to help.”

Her advice to those looking to join ANU’s ranks: “There’s no ‘perfect time.’ You just got to do it, and get it done. And don’t put it off!”

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