“That care made me choose ANU”

Jose “Angel” Castillo Hernandez had a successful career in his home country of the Dominican Republic but wanted to expand his education and take his career even further. He heard about ANU from a friend, who was one of our graduates. After talking with him and seeing our MBA program, he decided to join ANU.

Because he needed to pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language® (TOEFL®) to attend ANU, Angel attended our partner institution, American National English Language Institute (ANELI), as a level 5 student. He started learning English when he was younger with school programs and other programs that he asked his parents to sign him up for. Attending ANELI prepared him to take the TOEFL® exam to prove his English proficiency; passing level 6 of ANELI’s program also provides automatic acceptance to an academic program at ANU, as well as the University of Fairfax. After passing his exam, he enrolled in ANU’s Master of Business Administration program.

Though Angel has only attended ANU for a short period of time, he has enjoyed his experience. He appreciated the helpfulness of the staff and his professors. “My advisor helped me a lot and was always available,” he explained. “That care is what made me choose ANU.” He speaks highly of his first MBA professor, who he says has a genuine passion for teaching and is “not after a paycheck.” Though he will formally take courses with his 2nd teacher during his residency weekend, he has received help from her. “Sometimes, I send her messages if I don’t know something, and she answers me.”

After earning his MBA with a specialty in data analysis, Angel hopes to teach at a university in his home country.

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