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Flexibility in the Field of Law: Angela’s Story with ANU

December 6, 2023
With the changes that the Covid pandemic brought to the world, current American National University student, Angela Tinari, also faced a change in her plans after 2020. A Staten Island...

Blossoming as a Paralegal

November 16, 2023
Asia Blossom’s Story with ANU Chicago native, Asia Blossom, joined American National University to propel her future to greater lengths to provide for her child. She joined our Paralegal associate...

Pioneering Through as a Pharmacy Technician

June 22, 2023
Pioneering Through as a Pharmacy Technician: Evanne Raker’s Story with American National University Like many adults that join American National University, Evanne Rakers has a family to support and a...

Great Aspirations

June 20, 2023
Great Aspirations: Shelby Ritchie’s Story with ANU Shelby Ritchie has high goals of becoming a doctor to achieve the dreams her mother desired but never could. While striving for that...

American National University Alumna’s Success is Only the Beginning

By: admin
December 23, 2020
Sheena Armentrout, the Director of Membership and Investments for the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Chamber of Commerce and a 2010 alumna of American National University, has been named to the region’s 10 under...

One Student’s Pursuit of Lifelong Passion for Law with American National University

By: admin
November 16, 2020
Mary’s decision to enroll in the paralegal certificate program to pursue her passion for the American legal system at American National University was the obvious choice for her. Mary liked...
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