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Flexibility in the Field of Law: Angela’s Story with ANU

December 6, 2023
With the changes that the Covid pandemic brought to the world, current American National University student, Angela Tinari, also faced a change in her plans after 2020. A Staten Island...

Blossoming as a Paralegal

November 16, 2023
Asia Blossom’s Story with ANU Chicago native, Asia Blossom, joined American National University to propel her future to greater lengths to provide for her child. She joined our Paralegal associate...

Enjoying Her Classes and Experience

August 23, 2023
Enjoying Her Classes and Experience: Miranda Langford’s Time at ANU Hard work and dedication are not foreign subjects for Paralegal student, Miranda Langford. After medically retiring from the Army, Miranda...

Fostering Her Legal Career

August 1, 2023
Fostering Her Legal Career: Dalyn Fountain’s Story with ANU With experience in the field, Dalyn Fountain was struck with a choice. She either goes to school to become a Paralegal...

Unemployed Students May Be Eligible for Workforce Development Grant

By: admin
February 8, 2021
Did you know that American National University has an outstanding record of helping displaced workers return to the workforce?  Thanks to our exclusive Workforce Development Grant, which provides up to $7,500...

The winners of ANUs 2021 Faculty Instructional Excellence Award

By: admin
January 15, 2021
Three members of the ANU faculty – Tonya Peak, Pamela Hooper, and Wendy Notz – have been named the winners of our Semi-Annual Faculty Instructional Excellence Award of 2021. Each...

Paralegal Cost Reductions

By: admin
October 2, 2020
The paralegal associate’s degree and paralegal studies certificate have become even more affordable. While American National University was able to reduce the costs of the program, ANU has retained its...
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