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Great Aspirations

June 20, 2023
Great Aspirations: Shelby Ritchie’s Story with ANU Shelby Ritchie has high goals of becoming a doctor to achieve the dreams her mother desired but never could. While striving for that...

The Demand for Medical Assistants

June 8, 2023
With medical and healthcare facilities always growing and adapting to the needs of society, the demand for employees grows as well. Medical Assistants are one of the most invaluable pieces...

Persevering for Her Future

June 7, 2023
Persevering for Her Future: Michaela Miller’s Time at ANU Recent American National University graduate, Michaela Miller, knew that earning her education was not only something that would improve her life,...

Unemployed Students May Be Eligible for Workforce Development Grant

By: admin
February 8, 2021
Did you know that American National University has an outstanding record of helping displaced workers return to the workforce?  Thanks to our exclusive Workforce Development Grant, which provides up to $7,500...
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