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How to Network in Online Classes

May 26, 2023
Let’s Talk About… How to Network in Online Classes American National University brings the university to our students as they study from the comfort of their own home with our...

Certificate, Diploma, and Skill Credential Programs

November 11, 2022
Let’s Talk About… Certificate, Diploma, and Skill Credential Programs When working towards a successful career, one you’re already in or even a brand-new field, you may need skills to bolster...

Career Planning

August 19, 2022
Let’s Talk About… Career Planning So, you’ve earned your diploma at American National University. What’s next? Are you working a minimum wage job and now looking to use your education...

Effective Studying

August 5, 2022
Let’s Talk About… Effective Studying Earning your degree at American National University is a rewarding experience that comes from hard work and self-discipline. Many of ANU’s students attend their classes...


July 22, 2022
Let’s Talk About… Burnout At American National University, we pride ourselves on being the university where students with families and careers can earn their education. Whether you are a new...

Time Management

July 6, 2022
Let’s Talk About… Time Management Many new college students struggle fitting the time required for class meetings and assignments into their busy personal lives. We find that not only are...
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