Successful Externs Become Successful Employees at HMG


Holston Medical Group (HMG) has provided quality medical care to patients since its founding in 1977. Barsha Grant, LPN Nurse Manager, has worked for HMG for 18 years and oversees 160 nursing staff (a number of whom are National College graduates) who work with HMG providers located throughout the northeast corner of Tennessee.

Throughout her years of experience as a manager, Barsha shares that key attributes she looks for in measuring a good worker are initiative and an eager willingness to learn. “It seems to me a lot of National students have that initiative and want to do well,” Barsha says – stating that several of her National employees come to her recommended highly by the providers and nurses they train with in their externships with the HMG offices.

“The biggest thing with [National] students is – they come here, they do their externship here, we really get to see them in action,” she shares, explaining the mutual benefit for the students and HMG. “All the employees we have hired from [National] have been those exceptional externs.” For the students, it’s a great opportunity to get hands-on experience and exercise the knowledge they have gained in their program at National. “They truly appreciate the opportunity to come here and learn,” Barsha says, and they get a good feel for what fields they are interested in and what specialties they may excel at.

Barsha says that National’s students come well prepared and give HMG the opportunity to pick the best for future employees. “As a company, [National] turns out some of the better [medical assisting] students,” she states, “Obviously, that’s why we have so many of them that work here!” Considering that Barsha recently hired eleven medical assistants from $$Bristol Campus, it’s clear that she means what she says. (Look for these students to be featured throughout the next couple of weeks in the National News.)

With a mission of not just providing quality medical care, but care that “exceeds patient expectations and builds lasting relationships,” HMG recognizes that starts with how they treat their employees. “It’s a very family oriented foundation – team oriented from the front to the back,” Barsha shares about the work culture at HMG. It’s a sense of community that students find themselves falling into step with easily. “I love everything about my job at HMG!” says Tonya Reynolds, a National medical assisting graduate who now works as a primary nurse, echoing the sentiment of several students who now work for HMG.

Director of Health Care Education Sheri Jessee consults with Barsha Grant, LPN Nurse Manager, at the HMG Medical Plaza.

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