Success Stories

Persevering for Her Future

Persevering for Her Future: Michaela Miller's Time at ANU Recent American National University graduate, Michaela Miller, knew that earning her education was not only something that would improve her life, but allow her to reach her goals. Family is a big motivator for Michaela to accomplish her goals. Her mother’s…

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Learning Invaluable Skills

Shane Hurt's Story with ANU After the downturn of the coal industry, Gary “Shane” Hurt left his job on the railroad to pursue a different…

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Pursuing Passion as a Paralegal

Pursuing Passion as a Paralegal: Ashley Edmond's Testimonial When it comes to higher education, Ashley Edmond is no stranger. Ashley earned her master’s in human…

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Education at Any Age

Education at Any Age: Amanda Hanawahine McKeague's Time at ANU Earning your higher education has no time limit, and for current student, Amanda Hanawahine McKeague,…

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