Success and Determination

Success and Determination:

Teona Tillman’s Story with ANU

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Teona Tillman is a businesswoman looking to make a change in the world around her. Growing up, Teona faced struggles and she grew from those hardships. Previous educational ventures were not successful for her, she could never find the motivation to continue at other institutions. However, with American National University, Teona has been determined to finish and succeeded as she recently graduated in ANU’s 2023 ceremony. And her hard work was noticed by her professors as she was named Management Student of the Term for term 232!

An avid music lover and creator, Teona wanted to earn her Business Administration Management degree to do more with her music. What drew her to ANU was the flexibility and the time all of her advisors took to help her. “ANU has always been a good school to me,” she says, “it was just flexible and easy-going.” Additionally, when she got to speak with the Director of Career Services, Wendolyn Larkins, Teona felt supported as she did with every other advisor she had. When she worked on her resume with Wendolyn and spoke of her dreams, Wendolyn “was on it – she was helping me find the right jobs, [working] with my resume, and asking questions like as far as what I needed, what I wanted to do, and what I look for in a job. I was happy to work with her… she just motivated me, so I am confident in getting [a] job.”

Teona’s professors truly made her educational experience much better than she could have imagined. She expresses that she was able to receive support in all aspects of her life from her professors.

“The instructors were really nice, they’re not there just for a paycheck. They’re there to make sure you’re successful,” she describes.

“I’ve loved all the instructors I’ve had; they’ve been very good to me… They’re flexible. When you have a situation going on, they understand that, and they will help you still be successful.” Teona explains near the end of her program, she fell ill. Her sickness demotivated her, but she continued on because of the support her professors gave her. They were her cheerleaders to get her to the finish line of graduation. Some of the instructors and professors she calls out specifically are Dr. Lyndsey Obringer and Dominika Falsey, “they taught me a whole lot… I am thankful I had them as my instructors.”

In her future, Teona has goals to run her own business and have a global brand within the next 5-10 years. She has dreams of possibly being on television one day to spread her message of positivity to bring awareness that anyone can be successful like she is if they believe in themselves. She desires to inspire the youth in her community to rise above hard situations and become successful.

Teona recommends ANU to all those looking to seek higher education to better themselves.

“It’s a good school, their class schedules are flexible, and their staff is amazing!”

Teona shares her own written work as advice to those looking to work hard for their education and future: “Success only happens with hard work and dedication, and the will to keep going and never give up. I knew that if I wanted to be successful, and accomplish my goals, I had to have a winning mind set a drive to be where I am today. Staying consistent and never doubting yourself will always come with great rewards that one day you will reap the benefits for the hard work and labor you put into your dreams. My testimony here today is that you can do whatever you want to do if you put your mind to it. Remember to believe in you and keep a positive mindset, no matter what happens in your life the main thing is to stay positive….and I promise positive results will happen. The goal is to say I can, and not I can’t, the goal for you today is to continue to win because winners never quit, and quitters never win!

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