Studying by Style: Kinesthetic


Individuals who learn through handling and using objects are known as tactile or kinesthetic learners. They tend to “talk with their hands”, are good at cooking, painting, or building things, and dislike being hemmed in or sitting still for prolonged periods of time. So how does a kinesthetic learner study for a test?

  • Give yourself room to roam. Studying in a room with a closed door will feel too restrictive. The kitchen table might be a better option.
  • Be creative. Write out the Preamble to the Bill of Rights. Purchase a molecule construction kit for science. Create a jigsaw puzzle out of the facts you’re trying to memorize. Putting facts and activity together will help with memorization.
  • Borrow ideas from auditory and visual learners. Walk around the room repeating facts to yourself in story form, as if you were explaining things to someone you’ve never met. Memorize by pattern association.

Some people learn more than one way and employ a variety of techniques. You could be a visual or an auditory learner in addition to a kinesthetic learner. Explore our other LifeNotes study tips.

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