Student Loan Default Rates Skyrocket – but NOT at National College


Recently, an analysis from the Department of Education of student default rates shows that National College remains an institution that proactively helps students manage their loans responsibly and prepares our students well for future careers. Despite the national trend of rising student default rates (a 25% increase from last year's rates!), National's default rates havedecreased since last year. With default rates at National College ranging from 7.4% to 8.2%, the percentage of National students defaulting on their loans is lower than the national average of 8.8%. Compared to institutions with similar missions and/or student demographics, National College's rates are much better than our peers.

With the current state of the economy, the need for graduates with career focused training and education in America's workforce is more important now than ever. While an investment in education is a proven value for many Americans, students must nonetheless be prudent in their use of student loans to finance their college education.

Through a combination of reasonable tuition costs, financial plans prepared to best utilize the resources available to each student, advice and assistance from National College's Repayment Success Department both during and after college, and the focused education and training our graduates need to find rewarding careers, National College maintains an enviable track record when it comes to the ability of our students and graduates to successfully manage their student loan debt.

This year marks National College's 125th Anniversary of successfully providing a quality education that equips students with the career-training, skills, and hands-on experience they need to broaden job prospects and open opportunities for growth and advancement in their future.

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