Stability and Service

Stability and Service

Desiree Lyn Go’s Story with ANU

As an international student, Desiree Lyn Go needed an education that was compatible with her work and life. Born in the Philippines, Desiree earned her bachelor’s degree in respiratory therapy and worked for over a decade in universities as a critical instructor and hospitals in the ICU. This experience, combined with the expansion of online markets like Amazon, inspired Desiree to help others globally. She joined the ranks of American National University to earn her Master of Science in Information Technology to reach her future goals.

Education is an important part of Desiree’s life, “earning an education… it’s something that nobody can steal from us.”

ANU fits with her desires to continue her education without having to disrupt her work or home life. “At ANU, it made me feel like I can do things like work, [and] at the same time, I can study,” she says, “I actually pursued this degree because I want to invest in myself.” With her studies, Desiree can do her schoolwork when it is compatible with her life. “You know you can have the free time. Like I can balance my assignment[s], I can do this ahead of time.”

Desiree chose ANU because of the stability of our institution and the service she received when enrolling in our programs. In stability, she wanted to choose a school “that existed for a long time and not just existed five years ago,” she explains.

“So, when I researched about it, I saw that American National University was built in 1886, and [because] it still exists now, it is stable.” In service, because all of the staff were there and supportive every step of the way. “All my queries were answered, and it runs so smoothly, it made me feel, ‘oh, this is it!’”

she says, “with the service, I’m really glad.” She explains that, for her first time in the United States, she needed guidance from the staff and faculty to help her navigate her environment and education. She was confident that any question she had, her support staff would have answers for her, “that’s what I really like,” she says, “the service and the quick response.”

The benefits she receives at an international student also reaffirmed her decision to enroll at ANU. “It’s one reason why ANU is a really good school,” she explains, “because it helps the students.” We have Day One Curriculum Practical Training (CPT) for international students – and that was definitely the case for Desiree! Her classes begin November 20, 222 and so did her CPT! Her education at ANU is also helping fuel her knowledge and work within her CPT. “Usually in the Philippines, you have to finish a course first before you can [use it]. But here, you’re able to apply what you learned to your job.” She describes that her education is preparing her to enter the workforce because of the class modules and discussions she has with her classmates. She can review them whenever she needs the information. Once she finishes her education, Desiree will be utilizing the same company for her Optional Practical Training (OPT) as she is in a STEM program.

When it comes to her professors, Desiree constantly feels supported and her education is uplifted by them. She describes all of them as approachable – when she has a question, she can always go to them. The professors connect with their students on a personal level. Dr. Joseph Issa is one that she calls out as a memorable educator. At the beginning over every week, he will post a discussion board, and he will respond first. “For me, and for other people, [we] get kind of confused of the topic or we’re not sure, but because he posted something [first], we can get an idea on what the topic should be discussed.” She feels more motivated to continue her education because of the encouragement she receives from her professors.

In the future, Desiree hopes to have an online business, like Amazon, to assist small businesses. She also wants to create a consultation firm to help students earn their education in America so that they can fulfill their dreams.

Desiree recommends ANU to others looking to earn their higher education in America. “Not only for the services, but the quality of education as well,” she says.

“Don’t forget to click the apply now button,” Desiree says to those still looking to make the jump into their ANU education. For those new students at ANU, she says:

“Welcome to ANU, because you made the biggest decision of your life – congratulations!”

Those who have just graduated from ANU, Desiree says:

“Aim high and chin up because we will be graduating in one of the most stabilized schools in the country. We should be proud.”
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