Small Class Size Leads to Career Success for Medical Assisting Graduate


Courtney Fales has found a successful career working in the front office of The Dermatology Center after earning her degree at the $$Florence Campus and becoming certified as a registered medical assistant. “I like interacting with the patients, and I learn something new every day,” said Courtney.
Accomplishing her goal of working in the medical field has given Courtney a renewed sense of self-confidence after an unsuccessful first attempt as a college student in the nursing program at the University of Cincinnati. “I’m a little sentimental about it, because when I had my first year at UC I didn’t do very well; this was my way of getting back into school,” she explained of her switch to American National University. “UC is very big.  My anatomy class had 456 students, whereas in the one at National there were twelve of us. That was very nice because I could talk to the teacher, rather than having to email a teacher who probably doesn’t really know your name.”
At National, Courtney enjoyed her clinical classes, particularly drawing blood and giving shots. She also gained hands-on experience working as an extern at Walton Urgent Care. “It was a nice little step in the door for practicing what I learned in clinicals,” she recalled. “It gave me lots of extra practice, so that was good.”
[img]Now at The Dermatology Center, Courtney stays busy checking patients in and out, answering patients’ questions by phone, and helping input ICD 9 medical billing codes. She’ll soon be taking the next step in her career, with plans to enroll in the nursing program at Beckfield College. “A lot of my National credits will transfer,” she stated enthusiastically.
Courtney feels that this time her goal of becoming an RN is within reach because her program at National helped prepare her to continue her education. “My third term was my hardest term, and I got a 4.0,” she said. “I think [my program at National] helped with my work ethic and the whole routine of going to school.”
A- Courtney Fales successfully earned her degree and became certified as a registered medical assistant at American National University after finding the classes at a large university weren't the right fit for her.
B- Courtney has a variety of duties working in the front office of The Dermatology Center, including checking patients in and out and inputting ICD9 medical billing codes.
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