Second Recipients of the Bi-Annual Faculty Instructional Excellence Awards of 2023

Three members of the ANU faculty — Dr. Stephanie Denton, Dr. Dominika Falsey, and Sheri Clark — have been named the second recipients of our Bi-Annual Faculty Instructional Excellence Award of 2023. Program chairs, deans, and direct managers undergo the nomination process twice each year, seeking individuals who embody ANU’s values. Nominees must display a commitment to teaching and their students, an engaging, encouraging, active teaching approach to ensure students are intellectually stimulated, the ability to effectively communicate with students, and a positive, lasting impact on students. Earning this award is how we recognize members of the faculty who embody these ANU values.

Dr. Stephanie Denton

Dr. Stephanie Denton earns her Faculty Excellence Award, nominated by Health Sciences Program Chair, Laura Diggle, for her passion in teaching and learning. As Laura Diggle describes: “in addition to delivering her lectures as scheduled, Dr. Denton uses a mix of timely course announcements, engaging in-class activities, and consistent student outreach to ensure no student is left without the tools and support needed to be successful. She understands that her role is not limited to holding class and grading assignments. Instead, she consistently goes above and beyond by creating supplemental materials for Science Interactive, which enable her students to understand the assignments and successfully navigate even the most challenging simulations. Her dedication to ANU students and passion for teaching have an immense impact on the department as well as the departments who support us.”

Dr. Denton (Dr. D) has been in the teaching profession since 2010, while being with ANU for the past five years. She is a Chiropractic Physician by trade, however, has used her extensive educational background to engage students in the study of Medical Terminology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Pathology. Her educational background consists of the following: Associate in Science Degree, Associate in Mortuary Science & Funeral Services, Bachelor of Life Science Degree, Master of Science Degree in Nutrition and Human Performance, and Doctor of Chiropractic Degree. Dr. Denton sold her practice when she started teaching and has not regretted the decision since! Being an educator is very rewarding and she’s happy to be a part of it. The term Doctor means “to teach” so she has dedicated herself to her students in the hopes of creating a better future for all. Her hobbies include hitting the gym daily, playing golf on weekends, and spending as much time with her hubby and fur-babies as possible.

Dr. Dominika Falsey

Dr. Dominika Falsey earns her Faculty Excellence Award, nominated by Business Programs Dean, Dr. Lyndsey Obringer, because of how much time she dedicates to her students and the business programs. As Dr. Lyndsey Obringer describes: “She is always working behind the scenes through research and training on how to improve student engagement and student success in the classroom. Her passion for teaching and industry experience shines in her online classroom and live lectures. She comes ready every day to support student success, curriculum improvements, and help our team of adjunct faculty. Dr. Falsey is a servant leader who accomplishes goals by putting students and faculty first. Everything else falls in place due to their hard work, enthusiasm, and passion.”

Dr. Falsey graduated from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota with a bachelor’s degree in international business and marketing. Within 3 years of graduating from SMU, she completed her Executive Master of Business Administration from Colorado Technical University.  She then went on to earn a doctorate degree from CTU with a dissertation pertaining to motivation for online professors in higher education. After graduating from the bachelor’s program, she worked for several years as the director of sales and marketing for a Chicago-based open-MRI company leading a team of 15 sales representatives and over 100 physicians.  After switching interests in industries, Dr. Falsey took on the role of military director of admissions within the higher education industry. Her daily tasks included training and developing a team of admission advisors within the Chicago land area, traveling to US military bases to discuss the benefits of online education, and developing wounded warrior scholarship programs. Earning her doctorate degree opened doors in higher education instruction which she has been in for the past 16 years.

Dr. Falsey’s hobbies include traveling to foreign countries, learning about different cultures, reading fiction books, spending quality time with her family, and trying unique foods.  Her biggest accomplishments in life have been achieving her doctorate degree, traveling the world with her family, and buying my first home by the age of 22.

Sheri Clark

Sheri Clark earns her Faculty Excellence Award, nominated by Paralegal Studies Dean, Wendy Notz, because of her dedication and commitment to her students. As described by Wendy Notz: “A student in Term 234 expressed and summed up exactly why Sheri should receive the Faculty Excellence Award on the Student Course Survey, “Ms. Sheri has always presented an EXCELLENT class regardless of the course she is teaching. She motivates me to surpass my potential and sees what I do with respect to my abilities.  For that, you cannot rate the impact an instructor, like Ms. Sheri, has in one’s endeavor toward academic achievement.  She listens, she hears, she assists, she understands, and she instructs on a level one cannot help but learn from.  Ms. Sheri challenges me in every class I take with her. Every class I learn that much more. ANU employs the most knowledgeable, professional, and engaging instructors I have ever known, and I have been to many institutions of higher learning over the years. All these professors make me want to learn more. There are those who leave a lasting impression, and Ms. Sheri is one of those instructors.  It is instructors, such as Ms. Sheri, that keep my quest for knowledge burning and why I probably will never stop seeking education. Thank you, ANU for recognizing what we, as students need to go forward and benefit society.”  Faculty, staff, students, and I count on her efforts every day and she does not let us down.  She is truly an asset for ANU!”

Sherri Clark has over 18 years of experience working in the educational sector and was admitted to practice law in 1999. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Education from Ball State University. She earned her Juris Doctorate from Indiana University. Sheri Clark was admitted to the Indiana State Bar to practice law approximately 25 years ago. Her legal experience varies and includes working for the world’s largest real estate investment trust, a small private law firm, and the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office. She also served for 7 years on a legal panel of 3 judges appointed by the Governor of Indiana to make policy decisions on Labor Law issues.

She loves working as a full time teacher with American National University and loves teaching and learning from her students. During the past 20 years, she has taught courses for both the ground and online divisions of many different colleges and universities. In addition to being an adjunct she has created college curriculum for half a dozen schools in legal, technical, and business subjects. She served as Operations Manager at a private institution, founded in 1930, with an undergraduate/graduate population of approximately 2000 students. At a small school in Texas, she also worked as a Criminal Justice Program Director, Paralegal Program Director, and Information Technology Program Director. As a General Education Program Director, she turned the program from one of the most failed programs to one of the most successful programs at the College.

She lives in Indiana with her husband of 25 years, her 20-year-old daughter, and 2 dogs. The family has an 8-year-old Jack Russell and a 2-year-old Cocker Spaniel puppy.

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