Richmond Campus Class of 2014 Celebrates Success


On Friday, May 2nd, graduates of the $$Richmond Campus celebrated their educational achievements during a graduation ceremony that was held at the First Baptist Church of Richmond.  The Richmond Campus faculty and staff, along with family and friends of the Class of 2014, shared their pride through cheers and tears as the graduates took the stage to receive their diplomas and awards.

Senator Jared Carpenter, who serves Senate District 34, delivered the commencement address.  He stressed the importance of education in finding a successful career. “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who are prepared today,” said Senator Carpenter. 

[img]He said he felt that the graduates’ degrees from American National University prepared them well to enter the workforce.  “They give you degrees that get you ready for employment,” said Senator Carpenter.  “Some people in this building might get upset when I say a philosophy degree, in today’s job market, is not going to have you job ready.  But the fields you all have decided to go into, there is opportunity for that, to help you make a great wage and support yourself and your families.”

He also commended the many graduates who overcame obstacles to earn their degrees. “The ones who are willing to fight through adversity make sure that they’re going to make a difference, and I think that you all have done that.  You’ve done something that some people might not have thought you could do.  But because of your attitude, you’re able to sit here today with something that’s going to help you and your family and I applaud you for that.”

Senator Carpenter’s address was followed by an awards presentation.  Graduates who received recognition for high academic achievement included: Dawna Liska, a medical assisting graduate who was the recipient of the E. M. Coulter Award; Chelsea Holt, a student in the medical office assistant program, who received the Mary P. McGurn Award; and Michael Maness, a double major in business administration-management and business administration-accounting, received the Joseph P. Hurn Award.

Prudy Meadows, a graduate of the medical assisting program, was presented with the Achievement Award which is given to a graduate who, through extraordinary effort, overcame obstacles to reach their academic goals.  Prudy’s sons, Nathan Meadows and Erikke Meadows, also participated in the ceremony, Nathan earning his diploma in business administration, and Erikke earning an associate’s degree in medical assisting.

“I feel great.  I’m proud my sons graduated with me,” Prudy said following the ceremony.  “It’s going to mean better jobs, and I’m seriously considering coming back and continuing my education.”

Ashleigh Pugh, a medical assisting graduate, who is working as a registered medical assistant at Baptist Health Pulmonary Critical Care Associates in Lexington, Kentucky, received the Leadership Award.  “I’m super excited about it, because I’ve always tried really hard to be an example for everybody,” said Ashleigh.

Antonia Wells, a U.S. Army veteran who earned her associate’s degree in business administration-management at the $$Richmond Campus, then continued on to earn her bachelor’s degree at the Lexington Campus, was named to the American National University Alumni Hall of Achievement.  Antonia, who is working as the assistant to the associate director of patient care services at the Lexington VA Medical Center, said that she was very honored to be the recipient of the award.  “[American National University] gave me the structure and the formalized training and the knowledge that I needed to get where I am today,” said Antonia.  “The real-world knowledge of the instructors was a big help.”

You can read more about Antonia’s career here:

A-The Richmond Campus Class of 2014

B-In his commencement address, State Senator Jared Carpenter said that American National University graduates are well prepared to enter the workforce.

C-Prudy Meadows (center) and her sons Nathan Meadows (left) and Erikke Meadows (right) are shown with their diplomas after they graduated together from the American National University Richmond Campus.  Prudy was the recipient of the American National University Achievement Award which is given to a graduate who overcame obstacles to reach their academic goals.

D Joshua Brockman, a graduate of the medical assisting and pharmacy technician programs, is shown receiving his medical pin from director of health care education Paula Beth Ciolek.

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