Project Manager Finds the Tools He Needs to Succeed at National


David Wilson came to the $$Dayton Campus after landing a job working as a project manager and estimator at Greater Dayton Construction Group. Although the position required a college degree, the company was impressed with David’s military service and his experience working as the regional manager of a chain of fitness clubs. “So when I got hired on I told them that I would be in school until I completed the degree that they require,” David recalled.

Using his Post-9/11 G.I. Bill benefits, David enrolled in the business administration-management program.  “I looked at a lot of different schools. American National University was the only school that worked with me on my schedule.  And they kept their promise,” he explained.

He also found that the campus’s staff was fantastic to work with, particularly when dealing with his VA benefits. “American National University certified my attendance every single [class], whereas with Sinclair [Community College] and some other schools, the student has to do that on their own. So I never had to make a phone call…I was always certified and payment always arrived at the school on time,” he said.

In his work at Greater Dayton Construction Group, David works with clients whose homes have been damaged by fire, flood, or other disasters.  He puts together estimates of what it will cost to repair the damages, procures approval from the insurance company, and then oversees the rebuild for the homeowner.

“The job that I’m in requires a person to be very analytical when you’re rebuilding a home,” David said.  “Through the courses that I took at American National University, a lot of the assignments and the projects that we had to do required us to be very analytical and put together research projects and papers.  Repetition over the last two years of doing that has definitely made a difference here.”

David plans to continue his education to earn his bachelor’s degree using the progressive learning path available through American National University Online, where his credits from American National University will transfer seamlessly.  “My short term goal is just to keep on learning,” he said.

U.S. Army veteran David Wilson enrolled at the $$Dayton Campus after being hired as a project manager and estimator at Greater Dayton Construction Group.

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