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Certificates and Diplomas

Certificates and Diplomas

Choosing to pursue your education at American National University will provide benefits beyond a certificate or diploma. Our programs are designed to prepare you for your career. ANU Career Center representatives assist in transitioning you from a student to a working professional. Relationships with businesses near our campus locations help to ensure you gain valuable real world experience and insight as a part of your education.


Our Accounting program is designed to meet the need for training in fundamental business practices with an emphasis on general accounting and business principles.

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Business Administration

Our Business Administration program is designed to prepare you with the basic knowledge of business concepts required for todays ever-changing business environment and to provide you with a broad understanding of business practices. Through the knowledge, skills, and confidence gained, you will be ready for entry level positions in a variety of business environments.

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Medical Billing and Coding

Our Medical Billing and Coding program is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the functions of a medical biller and coder and to understand the professional and ethical responsibilities.

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Pharmacy Technician Diploma

Our Pharmacy Technician diploma program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, laboratory skills, and field experience required for entry-level employment as a pharmacy technician.

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Phlebotomy + ECG Technician

American National Universitys Phlebotomy/ECG Program is designed to prepare students for entry level careers as phlebotomist and/or ECG technicians. As a phlebotomist you will draw blood from patients or donors in hospitals, blood banks, or health facilities for analysis and medical use. In this program you will also learn to perform diagnostic tests to assess a patients heart rhythm and rate and record the electrocardiogram (ECG). These two skills are key components of working in medical support at most healthcare facilities.

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Medical Assisting Certificate

Our Medical Assistants are multi-talented healthcare professionals, skilled in performing routine clinical and administrative procedures for healthcare settings such as physicians offices and outpatient clinics.

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Paralegal Certificate

Paralegals play a crucial role in the practice of the legal profession. While lawyers are ultimately responsible for legal work, paralegals provide many key tasks in the preparation of cases and documents.

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