Physician Recognized For Ongoing Support of Medical Programs


Dr. Ginger Kubala and Montgomery Family Practice were recently presented with the ANU Distinguished Community Employer Award  in recognition of the many ways that they provide support to the ANU $$Cincinnati Campus medical programs.—


Dr. Kubala serves as a member of the ANU Cincinnati Campus Advisory Board where she shares her experience and knowledge of the medical field. “Dr. Kubala offers insight and suggestions to help us keep up to date with current trends, such as computer programs that might be helpful for our medical programs,” stated Tanya Roberts, director of health science education. 

[img]The practice also frequently accepts externs from the medical assisting program, and it provides employment opportunities for ANU graduates. “When I need an extern site with a great physician who is willing to teach our students, I can count on Montgomery Family Practice,” Tonya added.

Photo A-Dr. Ginger Kubala is a member of the ANU $$Cincinnati Campus Advisory Board and she assists with training of ANU medical students during their externships at Montgomery Family Practice.

Photo B-Tanya Roberts (left), director of health science education at the ANU $$Cincinnati Campus, is pictured with ANU graduate Tamara Bray (right), who is working as a registered medical assistant (RMA) at Montgomery Family Practice.

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