Phlebotomy Graduate Earns Medical Assisting Degree and is Hired by PMC


Samantha Stacy earned her phlebotomy diploma at the $$Pikeville Campus in 2011, and after learning more about the medical field in class and on the job working as a phlebotomist, she decided to return to the campus to earn her associate’s degree in medical assisting.   She completed her program and now works as a medical assistant for a family medical practice.

"[It's] a great family practice with a very close knit office who cares deeply for their patients," says Samantha. "I am lucky to have been chosen to be a part of this office." 

Samantha is glad that she made the decision to further her education at American National University, and she encourages others in her community to do the same.  “Continuing your education, you can’t go wrong with it,” Samantha explained.  “The way the job market is right now…you have to.  There are no other options, especially here in the community where we’re at.  People are losing those laboring jobs, and you are going to have to get a degree.”

"I am confident in my medical assisting skills and knowledge, thanks immensely to American National," adds Samantha. "I strongly recommend the [medical assisting] program."

Samantha Stacy of the $$Pikeville Campus earned a phlebotomy diploma and returned to the campus to earn her medical assisting associate’s degree.

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