Partnership with Royal International University


American National University and Royal International University are pleased to announce an agreement of joint partnership where American National University accepts students from Royal International University who have completed courses towards a degree.


This agreement is valid for Royal International University students in the Bachelor’s and Master’s level and follows the 2-2 Bachelor’s and 1-1 for Master’s model where students complete almost half their courses in Mongolia in pursuit of their degree and desire to gain a degree from American National University in pursuit of a successful career.


This is a unique partnership where students from Royal International University who qualify through this agreement will be eligible for and receive a University Partnership Scholarship at American National University; the first such scholarship given to International students from another University.


American National University for the past 130 years has served students in the United States as well as all students over the world. American National University is committed to helping provide students with quality educational experiences to meet the demands of the current marketplace. This agreement with Royal International University is a step in furthering that commitment.

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