Paramedic Student Delivers Baby During Training


Cary Strosnider, a student in the paramedic program at the $$Roanoke Valley Campus, recently had an opportunity to practice his emergency medical training in a real-life emergency situation. He was working for the Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Station #9 for his Advanced Life Support Preceptorship class when his EMS crew was dispatched to a residence in response to a female complaining of abdominal pain.

Upon arrival, Cary examined the woman who explained that she was pregnant with her third child and her water had broken. He quickly determined that delivery was imminent and informed the mother-to-be that there was no time to get to the hospital. He had to put his emergency medical training to use and deliver her baby at her home. That baby was born in good health and weighed over seven pounds.

Cary, who was proud of his ability to handle this emergency situation, cared for both mother and baby en route to the hospital. Paramedic Ron Stone, Cary’s field training officer, said that Cary did an excellent job handling this unusual call and needed no assistance throughout the delivery.

[img]The EMS crew was excited to be a part of bringing life to the world as they don’t often get calls to handle childbirth. Cary was also excited to be a part of such an occurrence as a student in training. He credits his National College instructors for preparing him for just such an unexpected situation.

Student Cary Strosnider is pictured on the right with his field training officer Ron Stone at the Roanoke County Fire and Rescue Station #9.

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