Opening Doors and Pursuing Dreams: Working in Cybersecurity

Working in cybersecurity has been Aso Hussein’s childhood dream, but there were no opportunities for him to study in his home country, Iraq. Emigrating to America gave Aso a chance to pursue his dream.

He heard about American National University’s Master of Science in Cybersecurity program through a friend, a recent graduate of ANU himself. “He told me to go to ANU, it’s the only option you can do and the best one.” Determined to pursue his dream, he decided to attend American National University. “When I moved to the United States, I felt like doors were opening for me. One of the big doors was American National University.”

“ANU…made the process of admissions so simplified,” said Aso. “A qualified student doesn’t need to [go through] a complex system for admission.” The classes that he is taking are helping him with his current position with a major clothing retailer. “It’s made [my job] much easier.”

One day, Aso hopes to be working on obtaining his doctorate and starting his own business. He enjoys ANU, recommended his friends to attend, and is looking forward to the rest of his program.

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