Kaitlyn Williams

One Student’s Story of Perseverance

Kaitlyn is a recent graduate of American National University who has found success in obtaining employment as a medical assistant.

She came to American National University from a worker retraining program through the Kentucky Career Center and was eligible for our Workforce Development Grant. She had a positive experience with her program but says that American National University helped her achieve her main goal in becoming a medical assistant. “[The program] kind of helped me find jobs, but it was really [ANU] that helped me find a job.”

Attending American National University as a brand-new mom, Kaitlyn appreciated the flexibility that our school had to offer her. “I had a newborn at the time, so they were a lot more flexible.” The courses that Kaitlyn took were part of our hybrid program. For our hybrid medical programs, students take the program primarily through distance education, with certain lab courses done in person and a clinical externship with a local clinic or doctor’s office. She appreciated her clinical instructor and site director, James C. Hess, for going beyond the textbook to talk about real life situations that students will face on the job as a medical assistant. “He was a really good teacher. I feel like he taught us a lot of extra stuff too. He was honest about everything.”

Now, with the help of Professor Hess and Career Services, Kaitlyn has a position as a medical assistant. Her job entails setting up for surgical procedures, giving vaccines, various kinds of documenting and charting, along with many more responsibilities. Though her to-do list is long, she still enjoys her job. When asked what she enjoys most about being a medical assistant, she said, “Probably working directly with the providers and patients. The providers also teach you a lot.”

If you are interested in following Kaitlyn’s footsteps and becoming a medical assistant, contact us today to see how you can achieve your goal in obtaining a career you love.  

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