Paralegal student Mary Oxenrider's headshot

One Student’s Pursuit of Lifelong Passion for Law with American National University

Mary’s decision to enroll in the paralegal certificate program to pursue her passion for the American legal system at American National University was the obvious choice for her. Mary liked the virtual community, that it was more affordable as compared to competitors, and that classes were flexible around her schedule.

“I loved the fact that my instructors were available almost all the time,” said Mary. “I enjoyed the fact that I could study at my own convenience – answering a discussion question at four a.m. was much better for me than answering the same question at six o’clock at night,” she laughed, admitting that she herself is an early bird.

Even though Mary’s classroom was virtual, that did not hinder her ability to collaborate and discuss with her peers and professors, thanks to our advanced Global Learn™ capabilities. Meeting over ZOOM, she was able to meet with people from all over the world, offering their different viewpoints of the law, and changing and challenging her way of thinking.

Mary talked about the varied benefits of ANU’s hi-tech / hi-touch approach. With books in a virtual library on the tablet, not only are additional costs eliminated, but you can have all your textbooks in one location without the bulk. “What happens if you’re driving down the road, you’re stuck in traffic, you know you have so much more to read, isn’t it nice that you just hit the ‘listen to’ (button) and then somebody reads to you?” she asked, describing the read aloud function many of our textbooks offer.

Mary’s favorite part of the program was the range of law industries she learned, from criminal to family law. “It was never a dull moment, there was always something new – I was learning constantly,” said Mary. “I found that with each type of law I had something that I enjoyed.”

Convenience and affordability, while still maintaining the quality of a higher education institution, is at the heart of an ANU education. We understand that many students are working and simultaneously earning their degree, as Mary had. To pursue your passion without disrupting the schedule of your daily responsibilities, speak with an admissions representative today!

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