One Hundred Years of Educating Business Professionals


When Mary, an 1886 National Business College graduate, walked down the marble school steps and entered “the real world”, she found no televisions, telephones, word processors, nor computers. In fact, she discovered that few women, educated or not, actually worked outside of the home! NBC, entering its centennial year of producing graduates for the work force, realizes that times have definitely changed.

Today, anyone without a television or telephone appears disconnected from the rest of the “communication age” world. Anyone ignorant of the fast-paced, time-saving word processors, and personal computers has difficulty keeping or finding employment. And anyone assuming that women are still tied by their own apron strings still live in the dark ages!

National Business College, founded in 1886, has continued its dedication to meeting the needs and demands of its students, graduates, and community throughout its 100 years of service. Founded by J.A. Trimmer, the college has survived economic, political, social, and cultural changes through both the tranquil and turbulent times in this past century of American history.

National Business College faculty and staff encourage all students and graduates to join in the centennial celebration activities. While many activities are still in the planning stages, employer appreciation, alumni, student and faculty celebrations promise to appropriately mark this important time in our college’s history.

As National Business College begins its 100th year of community service, all alumni, students, faculty, and staff should take special pride: NBC is not just a college; it is a proud and important landmark in Virginia’s heritage!

By Christina Beck

Originally written in November 1985

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