Ohio State Legislator Offers Encouragement and Support During Campus Visit


Ohio State Senator John Eklund recently visited the ANU $$Cleveland Area Campus to talk with students and learn more about the programs at American National University. As he toured the campus, Senator Eklund spoke of the door of opportunity that education provides.

In instructor Andrew Eade’s Principles of Management class, Senator Eklund distributed flyers regarding how a bill becomes a law.  After hearing that the class was studying diversity in the workplace, he explained why he feels diversity is important to an employer.  “It’s not diversity for the sake of diversity,” Senator Eklund stated. “Diversity helps businesses, because people with different points of view and different perspectives on things will bring them to bear on problems that a company has and will find better solutions.  It’s very, very important.”—


He also encouraged the class, which was comprised of all females, to take advantage of their education as employers seek to increase the number of women in supervisory positions in the workforce. “Companies are out there looking to bring women along and put them in positions of responsibility,” Senator Eklund explained. “It’s a great opportunity.”

As he spoke to another class, he heard from Melissa Dixon, a student in the medical office professional program, about her challenges in earning her degree. “I took off for about six months because I had…some things going on at home, and then I came back,” she shared. “I love my school. They took me back with open arms.”

“It’s like a family,” added her classmate, Frieda McMillan.

[img]Later, the Senator met with campus director Andrea Fricks and Kent Trofholz, executive director of the Ohio Association of Career Colleges and Schools (OACCS).   “I appreciate what you’re doing, because you’re giving opportunities to Ohioans who otherwise might not have opportunities.  That’s the spadework for making a great state and growing our economy,” Senator Eklund said of the programs at ANU. “From the students I met, I know they’re all eager and anxious to take advantage of those opportunities, and when they do, we’re all going to be better off for it. So, thanks to ANU for everything you do.”

Photo A-Ohio State Senator John Eklund talked with medical students about their educational journeys during his visit to the ANU Cleveland Area Campus.

Photo B-Senator Eklund (far left) is pictured with Cleveland Campus director Andrea Fricks and Kent Trofholz, executive director of OACCS.

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