“No More Looking For a Great Job—I Already Have It!”


Graduate Rachel Bouley has always had a passion for business, and that passion is evident when she discusses her work at the Tennessee Regulatory Authority where she was recently hired as an Administrative Assistant II.

“No more looking for a great job–I already have it!” Rachel stated enthusiastically. “I guess my favorite part of my job is that this could be my career. I love everything I do, and I enjoy the people I work with.”—

Throughout her busy day, Rachel depends on the business and computer skills that she gained at the National College $$Madison Campus. “My daily duties are to prepare reports for my chief to look over. I do data entry on various websites; I work in Excel and Word; I make power points for my chief,” she explained. “National College has helped me so much with my new job. I feel like the teachers I had at National were there for me and wanted me to learn.”

Rachel came to National after attending a large public university. She was looking for a school closer to home when a coworker recommended National. “What appealed to me most about National was the programs they offered and the class size,” she recalled. “Attending other colleges that have bigger class sizes can make you nervous.


She feels that the skills that she developed in her business administration-management program will always be in demand.  “I chose my major because I wanted one day to be a well-known business woman, and I knew that I could not go wrong with business. There will always be a need for my major,” she explained.

[img]Rachel’s goal is to move up the ladder at the Tennessee Regulatory Authority, but for now, she’s enjoying her new career and all that it offers. “I have a great job now that I am happy in…,” she shared. “My education has made my life so much better than it used to be.”

Photo A-Rachel Bouley is using the skills that she gained in  the business administration-management program at the National College Madison Campus.

Photo B-Rachel is shown with pipeline safety regulations enforcement procedures guides in her office at the Tennessee Regulatory Authority.

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