Next Stop Nursing School


Registered and certified medical assistant Beth Mcintosh loves the bond that she has developed with her young patients in the pediatrics office at the Kentucky Clinic, the primary outpatient clinic of UK HealthCare. “I have patients who remember me and ask for me. When they come in the door; they’re excited to see me,” explained Beth. “[I love] getting to know the patients, and seeing that I make a difference. Their parents thank me for helping them.”
Almost eighty patients come through the clinic each day. That keeps Beth busy taking blood pressure readings and other vitals, drawing blood, giving shots, and assisting the physicians with procedures.
Beth was hired by UK HealthCare shortly after graduating from the $$Richmond Campus, where her grandmother encouraged her to enroll. Her family has a long history with American National University–her grandfather having served as an assistant to former Kentucky division president Richard Wood, and her grandmother worked in student services at the $$Richmond Campus. “She knew how wonderful Keeley [Gadd, the campus director] and everybody at the campus was,” Beth explained of her grandmother’s recommendation.
After being home schooled throughout her childhood, Beth was also drawn to the campus’s small classes, where she quickly felt at home. “I’ve never been so inspired or felt so comfortable,” said Beth. “Every step of the way there was someone there for me.”
Beth is so happy with the education that she received at National that she’s continuing her education in the business administration-management program, with the goal of one day managing a medical office. She also has been accepted into nursing school at the University of Kentucky, where she’ll start classes in the spring.  
The employee tuition assistance that she qualifies for as an employee of UK HealthCare will fund her education to become an RN. It is just one of many valuable employee benefits that she now enjoys, which also include health insurance and a retirement plan.
“I’m only twenty-two, so I have a pretty good start on things, and it all started through [American National University],” Beth stated. “I really love my job. I really love my school. I couldn’t be happier.”
$$Richmond Campus graduate Beth Mcintosh is working as a registered and certified medical assistant for UK HealthCare and will soon begin nursing school at UK, using the tuition assistance that her employment provides.
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