Next Class Start: December 6, 2020!

Be sure to enroll for the rapidly approaching start (Term 209) on December 6, 2020.

Whether you are a new student just beginning your studies, a continuing student, or a returning student, we are pleased to have you. We understand that during these difficult times of an ever-evolving world with the COVID-19 virus, furthering your education can seem unreachable. That, however, has not been the case for American National University students, thanks to our Global Meet™, Global Teach™, and Global Learn™ approach, which make an online education possible for all who are driven to learn.

While many universities have experienced a shrinking student population, our population, on the other hand, has only grown. Our experience with distance education gives us greater comfort with this format. Our electronic learning resources, including e-books, virtual labs, research libraries, databases, and more, also contribute to the High-Tech / High-Touch learning experience that our students enjoy.

Check our website or speak with an admissions counselor (888.956.2732) for more information about our programs and certifications.

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