New Year Grand Opening!


American National University is excited to announce the start of ESL classes at American National English Language Institute. The English Language Institute will provide comprehensive training at several levels in English Language learning and teaching to meet the needs of students in a competitive global economy. 

The International Department has worked diligently to prepare a prestigious English Language Institute that will increase student’s English Language proficiency, immerse students in American culture, and prepare students for success in their academic studies.

The first term will begin January 2, 2018. Registration is now open for applications for the ESL program. There is no application fee required until acceptance letters have been issued to the applicants and there will also be special Friendship Scholarships available to those that refer friends to enroll at American National English Language Institute.

American National University is committed to helping provide students with quality educational experiences to meet the demands of the current marketplace. American National English Language Institute is just one more way the university is keeping that promise to current and future students to come. 

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