New Medical Assistants Become ‘The Doctor’s Right Hand’


Top Flight Medical Group, a physical medicine and rehabilitation practice with 15 satellite offices located throughout Middle Tennessee, recently hired $$Nashville Campus graduates Alex Ciero and Katie Donnell as registered medical assistants. Diana Maugeri, practice administrator for Top Flight, said that she couldn’t be more pleased with Alex and Katie’s skills, work ethic, and enthusiasm. “I couldn’t ask for two better employees,” said Ms. Maugeri. “Some of the clinics we leave for at 4:00 am [and] they’re never late. They pay a lot of attention to detail; are very organized and very cordial to our patients. Our patients love them.”

Ms. Maugeri said that Alex and Katie work closely with Dr. Sekou Molette performing screenings, updating patients’ charts, prepping patients, and assisting the doctor during procedures. “They’re basically the doctor’s right hand. They are literally side-by-side with him all day long,” she explained.

Top Flight has hired graduates from other area schools but Ms. Maugeri said that she’s found Alex and Katie’s training to be superior. She feels that the two-year medical assisting associate degree program offered at National provides the necessary time to build the skills needed for the job which may not be possible during the short-term programs offered at some other schools.

Alex and Katie both say that the staff at Top Flight Medical Group is their favorite part of their job. “They’re really easy to get along with,” said Katie. “We’re a close knit little family,” added Ms. Maugeri, who explained that the staff spends a lot of time together en route to the various clinics, as well as during the normal work day.

Alex also likes that the office is paperless. She and Katie make notes and see patients carrying iPads with them throughout the day. They both enjoy traveling to the various clinic locations throughout the week. “It keeps it interesting,” said Alex.

“If you could clone them it would be perfect,” suggested Ms. Maugeri who is already working once again with Nashville Campus Career Center Director Terri Davis-McCall to find Top Flight Medical Group’s next new employee.

Medical assistants and National graduates Alex Ciero (left) and Katie Donnell (right) are pictured with Diana Maugeri, practice administrator for Top Flight Medical Group.

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