Networking with Instructor Leads to Externship and Employment for Student


$$Richmond Campus student Cindy Arbuthnot was recently hired as a coding and billing assistant at Hospice Care Plus after she impressed the staff with her skills and professionalism during her externship with the company.—

Cindy landed the externship through networking with her ANU medical billing and coding instructor, Veronica Waddles, a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) who works at Hospice Care Plus as a referral specialist. Veronica felt that Cindy would be a great fit for the company. “She’s a very good people person,” Veronica said of her recommendation of Cindy. “She does everything exceptionally well that you ask of her. She goes above and beyond.”

[img]Loretta Rinthen, director of finance for Hospice Care Plus, also feels that Cindy has been a great addition to the staff. “With the changes that are going on in Medicare and Medicaid with coding and billing, I felt like we needed to step  up with what we were requiring of our employees, and so when we had the opportunity [to accept] a coding student [for an externship] I took that opportunity,” she explained. “We have found that with the requirements that we need additional help, because Medicare is now requiring things to be done more up to date. We needed someone with the expertise that Cindy has shown us that she has. We’re just so glad she’s here. She’s a breath of fresh air.”


Cindy, who was a stay-at-home mom for sixteen years before she enrolled in the medical billing and coding and medical office specialist programs at ANU, feels that she’s found a home at Hospice Care Plus. “I absolutely love my job,” she said. “As soon as I started there, it felt more like a family. It’s someplace that you don’t dread having to go—you enjoy going.”

A- Cindy Arbuthnot was hired by Hospice Care Plus after demonstrating her skills during her externship with the company.

B- Cindy (center) is shown with Hospice Care Plus director of finance Loretta Rinthen (left) and referral specialist Veronica Waddles (right) who is Cindy’s medical billing and coding instructor at ANU.

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