Navy Veteran Becomes Successful Surgical Technologist


Anthony Baker knew little about the field of surgical technology when he came to the $$Lexington Campus in search of training for a career in the medical field. But after learning about the vital role that surgical technologists play in the operating room, he enrolled in the program at American National University, earned his degree, and was hired as a certified surgical technologist at Bluegrass Orthopaedics and Hand Care less than two years later. 
“It’s something new, not just every day, but from case to case and from moment to moment,” he said of the busy pace of the operating room. “The surgeons, they’re powerful people, but they depend on you to do your job to help them.”—
In the operating room, Anthony relies heavily on the skills that he gained in his program at National. As a U.S. Navy veteran, he didn’t take the decision regarding where to utilize his valuable Post 9/11 G. I. Bill benefits lightly, visiting a number of local schools before choosing National. In addition to the friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive staff and faculty that initially attracted him to the school, Anthony also chose National due to the essential hands-on experience gained in the simulated operating room lab and during clinical rotations in several area hospitals.  
[img]“[My education gave me] that opportunity to get into a field, where the only way to get there is through certification through an accredited school like [National],” he explained. “The good thing about being [at National] was that I got all of the fundamental requirements that I needed to actually be able to go into an OR, and [before I] see the procedure, I know where I need to be, where [the instruments] need to be, and what I should be looking for next time.”
Surgical technology program director Regina Shumard feels that Anthony’s skills are so impressive that she recently requested that he serve as the surgical technologist for her own shoulder surgery at Bluegrass Orthopaedics. “He was an absolutely fabulous student, so much so that I requested him for my subacromial decompression,” she said.
Anthony continues to gain experience and expand his knowledge of the field, assisting with a variety of procedures from carpal tunnel surgeries to total hip replacements. “It’s a busy, busy center and it’s growing,” said Anthony. “It’s really extensive work and we have a really good staff there. [There’s] something new that I learn every day.”
A- Anthony Baker visited several area colleges before enrolling at American National University using his Post 9/11 G.I. Bill benefits.
B- As a student at the $$Lexington Campus, Anthony Baker got hands-on experience in the simulated operating room lab, which helped prepare him for his new career as a certified surgical technologist.
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