Native of Cuba Returns to Medical Field after Graduating From ANU


After completing an English as a Second Language course, Misleidy David visited the $$Louisville Campus two times before she summoned up the courage to enroll in the medical assisting program at ANU. She knew that continuing her education was her only option if she wanted to return to the medical field where she knew she belonged. “I was a nurse in Cuba for ten years, but then when I came here [to the United States] I was forced to work in the factories,” she explained. “I just decided to start again and start over.”—

Misleidy’s insecurities about returning to school were quickly alleviated as she worked with her bilingual admissions representative, Ely Kraft, who assisted and supported her from enrollment through graduation. She also got all of the personal attention that she needed from her instructors, as she refreshed her clinical skills and learned more about the administrative functions of a medical office.

[img]As she neared the end of her program, Misleidy had two more important steps to complete to help ensure her career got off to a great start—completing an externship, where she would gain on-the-job experience working in a medical practice, and passing the exam to become certified as a registered medical assistant (RMA), which she prepared for in her Medical Assisting Exam Success class and through study groups with her classmates. 

Misleidy was placed in an externship at JW Medical where her skills were put to the test and her performance was closely evaluated by the staff as they considered her for future job openings. After passing the certification test to become an RMA and earning her degree, she was hired by the practice, which was a recent recipient of the Distinguished Community Employer Award due to its support of the ANU medical assisting program and its graduates.


Nurse practitioner J. W. Harvey, who operates JW Medical, said that Misleidy is one of several hard-working medical assistants that he’s recruited from ANU, and he feels that the practice is attracting more Hispanic patients thanks to her bilingual skills. “She’s really grown and become part of our practice. She does a very good job,” he said.

Misleidy is happy to be out of the factory and back working in the medical field caring for her patients each day. “National changed my life because I’m doing what I like to do,” she stated.  “I love the people; I love to take care of them; I love everything about my job.  I’m [going to be] doing this all my life.”

A- Misleidy David, a native of Cuba, earned her degree in the medical assisting program at the ANU $$Louisville Campus after finding that her credentials as a nurse were not honored in the United States.

B- Misleidy was hired by JW Medical after completing her externship in the practice and becoming certified as a Registered Medical Assistant.

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