Native of Cuba Resumes Her Accounting Career In America


Mariela Diaz had a successful career as an accountant, with four employees under her supervision, when she was living in her native country of Cuba.  But after coming to the United States, she found that the degree that she earned in Cuba wasn’t valid in this country, so she gave up the career that she loved and took a job as a housekeeper.

[img]Although she was nervous about attending college in America, Mariela gathered up her courage and visited the $$Louisville Campus, where she instantly felt a connection with admissions representative Ely Kraft, who assisted her during her enrollment. 

As a native of Venezuela, Ely was familiar with the cultural challenges that Hispanic students face.  She was able to strengthen Mariela’s confidence and make her feel a part of the American National University family with her strong support and encouragement.

Mariela graduated from American National University with her associate’s degree in accounting and after working as a bookkeeper for a bakery , she was hired by  OPM Financial, an accounting firm that was listed at #84 on Inc. Magazine’s “America’s 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies.”

After just a few months with the firm, Mariela was promoted to her current position in client services.  In her work, she monitors her clients’ monthly activity and produces financial statements, sales orders, and budgets.  “This is my passion,” Mariela said of her work at the firm.  “I love accounting…and the people here are very nice.  I fit in really well.”

Mariela feels that her degree from National has helped her “100 percent” in regaining her professional stature in America.  “I have my associate’s degree in Cuba, but in the United States it doesn’t work,” said Mariela.  “National gave me the opportunity for this job,” she said.

She has recommended American National University to a number of her Hispanic friends who have enrolled at the school. “I have referred many people to American National University,” said Mariela.  “If they want to study anything, they can do it.  Don’t be afraid,” she advised.

A-Mariela Diaz found that the accounting degree that she earned in Cuba was no longer valid in the United States, so she came to the $$Louisville Campus to regain her educational credentials and resume her career.

B-Admissions representative Ely Kraft (left), a native of Venezuela, supported and encouraged Mariela Diaz (right) during her program at American National University.

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