Mother of Four Finds New Career in Nine Months


Amy Grider, a recent graduate of the accounting office assistant program at the $$Danville, Kentucky Campus, is looking forward to a busy tax season in her new job as a tax associate at H&R Block of Harrodsburg.

Amy is using the skills she learned from American National University assisting clients with their tax returns. “This job is perfect for me,” said Amy who has always enjoyed working with numbers. “As my children say, ‘I’m a geek,” admits the former stay-at-home mom of four children.

Amy found her job with H&R Block when Gary Campbell, owner of the Harrodsburg H&R Block franchise, contacted the college’s Career Center to help him find qualified candidates for his tax preparation staff. Amy had been working closely with Career Center Director Beth Beldon, who forwarded her résumé to Mr. Campbell, and later set up an interview for Amy. Beth also conducted mock interviews with Amy, to help her to be as prepared as possible for her interview.

[img]Mr. Campbell agrees that Amy is a good fit for her job as a tax preparer. “She’s a quick study,” he said, adding that she is also very tech-savvy and possesses a great work ethic. “She’s worked out very well.”

Amy enjoyed her program at National and feels that it has prepared her for her work with her clients at H&R Block. She likes that the accounting office assistant diploma program, which teaches fundamental skills in accounting and computer applications, took just nine months to complete. “It was quick,” she said. “I was in and out.”

Amy has since become certified as an IRS Registered Tax Return Preparer (RTRP) and she says that her Income Tax class at National was instrumental in her success on the exam. Her accomplishments in her program at National and in her new career have given her a new sense of self-confidence. “It made me feel like I am somebody,” she said.

National graduate Amy Grider (pictured in top photo) found a new career with her accounting office assistant diploma. In the bottom photo, Gary Campbell (left), owner of the Harrodsburg H&R Block franchise, agrees that National graduate Amy Grider (right) is a good fit as a tax associate for H&R Block.

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