Microsoft Business and Entertainment Expo Brings Latest Technology to Campus


Recently, the $$Florence Campus hosted a Microsoft Business and Entertainment Expo which offered students and area residents the opportunity to try out some of the company’s newest technology. The event, which was held in collaboration with the Microsoft Store in Cincinnati, gave gamers a chance to try out the latest Xbox One games, like Halo and Just Dance, while business professionals practiced their skills using Windows 8 and other technology which can enhance their careers.

According to John Radenheimer, a Microsoft business specialist who assisted attendees during the event, one of the most popular demonstration areas was for the Surface Pro. “The neat thing about the Surface is that it’s a tablet, but it’s a computer. It does it all,” he explained. “You have all your legacy programs on it, yet it’s compact enough that you can take it on an airplane or to work, and it’s not oversized.”

[img]Sarah Yocis, director of community development for Microsoft, said that her company welcomed the opportunity to bring their products to American National University, which is certified as a Microsoft IT Academy. “Being a partner of American National University, with their services and systems that they’re teaching, we like to showcase some of the newer devices that we have, so that the public can become more familiar with them,” she explained.

A- (Left to Right) Valerie Bowman, director of IT programs; George Hampton, senior director of IT programs; John Radenheimer, Microsoft business specialist; and Sarah Yocis, Microsoft community development specialist, are shown at the Microsoft Business and Entertainment Expo that was held at the $$Florence Campus.

B- Participants check out the features of the Surface Pro during the Microsoft event.

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