Medical Assisting Keeps Graduate on Her Toes


Heathyr Suhr is a person who likes to stay busy with a variety of things to do during the work day. Her job as a medical assistant at GMH Urgent Care in Beaver Creek, not far from the $$Dayton Area Campus she attended, does just that.

“Oh, it’s crazy…we see all kinds of different things,” she says of what a typical day can bring. “We’ll do a strep test, and then a cast, then you’re helping with stitches, and you’re drawing blood and giving a shot; but I like staying busy,” she explains.

Heathyr got exactly what she wanted from her program. She and a friend were taking classes together at a nearby community college, when her friend’s mom was laid off from the automotive industry and went back to school to train for a new career. The school she chose was American National University. “Her mom was going there and liked it a lot, and we started a few terms after her,” explains Heathyr, who added that National offered her a chance to get into the medical field faster than the so-called “traditional” colleges in the area.

When it came time for her externship, Heathyr was looking for an environment that was close to her home, preferably an urgent care facility that would guarantee that she’d see a variety of activity. GMH Urgent Care fit the bill exactly. Apparently, so did Heathyr, for they offered her a job before she had even completed her Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) certification, which she subsequently passed thanks to her American National University education.

Medical assisting also gave her a chance to test the waters, so to speak, for a medical career. Now Heathyr is certain she wants to remain in the field, and is looking at schools to pursue her registered nursing degree: “I hope to be a registered nurse and working in a hospital.”

Dayton Area graduate Heathyr Suhr is pictured in her role as a medical assistant at GMH Urgent Care.

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