Medical Assisting Graduate is Going Places With New Degree


Kaleigh Courts is still a couple of weeks away from completing her medical assisting program at the ANU $$Florence Campus, but she’s already received two job offers in her field from St. Elizabeth Healthcare. “He called me and said ‘This never happens, but I want to offer you two jobs,’” she recalled of getting that exciting call from the hiring manager.—

After considering both options, Kaleigh was excited to accept a position as a medical assistant on the St. Elizabeth Healthcare CardioVascular Mobile Health Unit, a $500,000 state-of-the art unit which provides screenings, risk appraisals, and education to the community. 

In her work, she will be using the skills that she gained at American National University to help care for patients in the mobile unit, providing cholesterol and blood sugar checks, blood pressure readings, and more. “I was a CNA in high school. I like helping people,” she shared.


Kaleigh feels happy to have gotten through her program at ANU so quickly after her attempt to earn a degree at a large public university was put on hold.  At the other university, she felt that she wasn’t making progress in her education due to the large number of pre-requisites that were required to even get admitted into her program.

She was also drawn to ANU because she felt more comfortable with its small class size. “At NKU, it was 135 people in a big class. I learn better when it’s just one-on-one,” she explained.

[img]The funding that she’s receiving through the ANU Business Partnership Grant, which matches the tuition assistance that she’s receiving from her employer, is also a big plus.  In fact, she’s been so pleased with her experience at ANU that she even brought her brother, Stephen Courts, into the ANU family. He’ll be graduating from the network support program just a term behind her.

“It’s going to give me a better life,” Kaleigh said proudly of her education that she received at ANU.

Photo A-Kaleigh Courts, an ANU Florence Campus medical assisting student who will complete her program this term, has accepted a position working on St. Elizabeth Healthcare’s CardioVascual Mobile Health Unit.

Photo B-Kaleigh (left) is shown practicing blood pressure checks with medical assisting graduate Courtney Fales (right) during the Florence Campus Open House which was held in April.

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