Make a New Year’s Resolution for a New Career


Looking for a new start to the New Year? If your goal is to move ahead in 2016, make a New Year’s Resolution for a new career and take the steps to make it come true:

1. Self-assess. Before you set out on your personal career path, you need to self-reflect and consider your personal strengths and skills and how best to use them. Are you an analytical thinker who has always felt comfortable around computers? Explore careers in information technology. Have you always dreamed of a job where you could help others every day? Then maybe a career in healthcare would be right for you. Or do you have the skills to become a leader in business, or perhaps even start your own?

2. Conduct research. Once you know the career path that suits you best, conduct research to find programs and schools that can help you achieve your goal. At American National University, our focus is to provide quality personalized career training that directly prepares you for in-demand occupations in your local area. We offer convenient and flexible class schedules, small class sizes, and faculty who come from the industry you’ll enter. The care doesn’t end with your degree either. As an alumni you can benefit from one-on-one help from our Career Services, where our staff will help you match your new skills to what area employers are looking for.

If you’re ready to make a change in the New Year, why not make a move to a new career?

3. Get experience. Your training is the first step to success. However, employers also want to know that you have experience. At ANU, you can gain that experience even before you finish your program through hands-on training, real-world projects, or an externship in your field.

4. Make connections. You can begin to make career connections while you’re still in school. Your instructors and externship supervisors know you and your abilities. They also know many people in the field you’ll enter. Additionally, your classmates today could be your colleagues tomorrow. Get to know them and connect with them personally in small classes. Begin building a professional network on social media sites like LinkedIn – these can become great resources for job searching, referrals, and personal references!

If you’re ready to make a change in the New Year, why not make a move to a new career? If you enroll right now at American National University, you could train for a new career and get started on the path to future success. At ANU, we have a wide range of career-focused programs in Business, Health Sciences, and Information Technology. Which one is right for you? Visit us today to learn more now.

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