Looking Outside the Accounting Box

In many professions, industry-standard certifications serve an important role in validating whether an education actually meets the real-world demands of a specific occupation.  At ANU, many of our programs are designed specifically to meet the requirements of various national certification examinations.  While this is especially true of health science and information technology fields, there are other certifications available that students often do not know about.  One of these certifications is the Certified Bookkeeper (CB).

The CB certification is offered by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB).  This organization was established to serve the needs of those who pursue the bookkeeping aspect of the accounting profession.  Bookkeepers must be proficient in basic accounting principles, payroll, depreciation, inventory, and fraud prevention.  The CB certification requires completion of a four-part exam (two at a Prometric testing center and two open-book sections), two years of bookkeeping experience, and signing the AIPB’s Code of Ethics.

The Accounting Diploma program at ANU covers the concepts and skills tested on the CB exam.  The material in each section of the exam is covered in the following ANU courses:

Part 1 – Adjustments and Error Correction (Proctored Exam)

Test 1 – Accruals, Deferrals, and the Adjusted Trial Balance:  ACC101, ACC102

Test 2 – Correction of Accounting Errors and Bank Reconciliation:  ACC101, ACC102

Part 2 – Payroll and Depreciation (Proctored Exam)

Test 1 – Payroll:  ACC102 and ACC110

Test 2 – Depreciation:  ACC101, ACC102, ACC216

Part 3 – Inventory (Open-Book Exam)

ACC101 and ACC102

Part 4 – Internal Controls and Fraud Prevention

ACC101, ACC102, ACC200

If you would like more information about the CB certification, you can visit the AIPB’s website at https://www.aipb.org.  If you would like to discuss the Accounting Diploma program at ANU, please feel free to contact the Academic Program Chair, Sr. Professor Tim Whited, for more information.

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