We Bring Our University to You

At ANU, we free you from the need to be tied to a physical campus by allowing you to be live, in class, from anywhere.

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American National University is dedicated to the training and educating of men and women for a full life and a successful career in a number of general and particular fields. The University seeks to give students a broad competency in a field of specialization and an understanding of and respect for their own and others’ ideas and thoughts. Graduates of American National University should understand and practice their responsibilities to their families, their fellow men and their communities by becoming effective and contributing citizens.

As a collegiate institution offering educational credentials from diplomas to a master’s degree, American National University strives to develop each student intellectually, culturally and socially. The University is interested in each individual becoming proficient in the disciplines necessary for his and her success, with the training necessary to be self-sufficient and enterprising and with the background necessary to be constantly expanding his or her intellectual and cultural horizons.

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