Life Changing Experiences at ANU: Brian White’s Story


Current student Brian White has prevailed through a lot in life to get where he is today. After a lot of loss personally and financially, Brian joined American National University to better his life and career prospects. Not only is he attending classes at ANU, but he is an attentive husband and father, as well as a pastor and a global youth director for his church. Despite staying busy, Brian has made the President’s List and keeps his grades high as he achieves his goals in our Business Administration Management associate degree program.

When Brian decided to earn his education, he did research to find the right school for him. He chose ANU because of the variety of our programs but is ultimately satisfied with the ease and convenience we provided him with his studies. “I appreciate the fact that [the staff] works with my schedule and my disability,” he says, “I have always been able to get in touch with my teachers and advisors with no problem.” Not only that, but his classes have also made a difference in his perspective. He enjoyed his psychology class because it allowed him to open his mind to other people’s opinions and spread kindness despite differences. “It’s been [enlightening] to me to learn that and learn to be kind to others, because ANU has been that to me.”

His time at ANU has been exceptional in experiences with his professors. “I have had some amazing teachers,” he says, “with ANU, a lot of teachers are personable, very easy to talk to, very easy to work with – and it has made my transition into college, for the first time in my life, very, very easy.” Brian recalls his intimidation when he first enrolled because he had never experienced college before, but his professor’s willingness to help him and be clear with what they are looking for made all the difference. “When you’re learning something new, you have to be connected with people that would make it easy… and ANU teachers and staff have made that very possible for me.” He says his professors will continue to reach out to him to see how he is doing and ask if they can continue to help him through his studies.

With his education, Brian has already started working on strategies to help develop his church and the youth division he is leading. “Between ANU and my amazing wife, [my experience is] really helping me put

 plans together to move forward.” He also plans to earn his bachelor’s degree in business in the future and wants to stay with ANU to do so. His time at ANU has already been beneficial to him as it helps him reach his goals, “I’m looking for something that will sustain me, something that will stabilize me, so I won’t be so much out in the world versus virtually in the world.”

Would Brian recommend ANU to other people? “Absolutely! ANU is the finest. Going to a big university would have been very intimidating to me,” he says. “The fact that I can be at home, do things virtually, and learn one-on-one with my professors when I get stuck has been amazing for me.”

For those new students at ANU, Brian says: “ANU is the best, and you will enjoy the experience.”

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