Learn Faster – So You Can EARN Faster

At American National University, we understand that balancing family, work, and everyday life with higher education courses can feel impossible. Over more than a century, we have been helping students just like you achieve their goals of a better life through education.  We have applied that experience, together with today’s most advanced educational technology, to make it possible for you to pursue a full-time university education and complete your educational program in the least amount of time possible.

Accelerated programs at ANU allow students to complete a two-year degree in as few as 20 months due to our frequent and continuous terms – a new one every six to seven weeks. We also offer convenient scheduling of day or evening classes – and in many cases weekends – to allow you to attend the university full-time while also balancing your other commitments.

If you have credits from other universities or colleges, ANU has a liberal policy regarding the acceptance of transfer credits – we want to give students full credit for things they have already learned. We try to minimize roadblocks that students often run into when changing institutions. In fact, you can transfer up to 75% of the credits for an undergraduate program, or 50% of a master’s program, toward your ANU degree. For more information about transfer credits, click here.

ANU is a veteran-led and managed institution, and we understand the great sacrifices that veterans and current military members have made for this country. ANU gives back by allowing veterans and current members of the military to transfer credits for their military schooling and experience. For more information on ANU’s military and veteran benefits, click here.

Our approach is simple – we make it possible for anyone to pursue the dream of a university education, without requiring you to invest years and years of your life.

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